T-Shirts & Pins for the Wauble

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Big Dave
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T-Shirts & Pins for the Wauble

Post by Big Dave »

Someone suggested a thread just for the shirts & pins (thanks Rob)

If you already ordered please do so again under this thread.

T-Shirts $9.00 +/-

Waubaushene Pins $ 6.00 +/-

All T-shirts are grey, short sleeved
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Post by Ironhorse17 »

One large T for me.

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Post by VTX-Al »

One XL,
One L

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Post by Boone »

I'm in for 1 XXL Tee

1 pin

:) :cool:
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Post by RandyGuy »

one XXL
one medium
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Post by Army Boy »

One XL
Oh ya make it gray short sleeve thanks :lol: :wink:
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Post by RoadWarrior »

1 XL T-Shirt...gray please

1 Wauble pin

P.S...I made the post sticky until after the meet or you close the order taking...
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Post by VTX_XTC »

1 xl black ....... ok grey , and a pin
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Peer pressure

Post by Hummer »

Big Dave-
OK, here is the request that you (and the boss) wanted to whether I will be attending the Wauble. I will be there, for the day, only,as I am close to Midland. Please order me an XXL t-shirt,also. See you at Coldwater and/or Gravenhurst next week.
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Post by stillflyin »

1 large
1 med
for me please
I'll take 2 pins also

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Post by hammerman »

One XL and one large!!!!

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Post by Cat »

2 Tees (1M, 1XL)
2 Pins
If the tees were black I'd have ordered more, but these will be just throw in the drawer tees. :roll:
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Post by Croman »

2-xl tees and 1pin thankyou
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Post by Skuleman »

1 large and a pin thanks :-)

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Post by CastIron Lady »

2 T-shirts ( 1 XLarge & 1 Small)
2 Pins

Thanks Dave!
CastIron Lady

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