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Welcome and how to register

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Welcome to the Canadian X Riders forum.
  • We are not a motorcycle club, we are a group of riders who share a common interest ......... riding motorcycles.
  • There is no hierarchy and no rules, all we ask is that you ride safely and give the group a good name.
  • There is no cost to join and no annual fees.
  • There is no filtering on content, this is a free country, we are free to speak. However, we do not tolerate bashing of members or their rides. Please be respectful.
  • All bikes are welcome, we are a group about people and riding, not brands.
If you register for the site, you will need to post and contribute to conversations. If you register and do not post, your account will be deleted, there are just way too many spammers out there and we don't know if you are truly interested versus a spam bot. This is your forum, enjoy it.

To register, simply click on the register link in the top right of the forums or you can click here.

If you already are a registered user, you will need to login to see all the forums.
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