Deborah Landry

VTX 1800

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Meet Deborah Landry:  Motorcyclist riding across Canada to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer

When Deborah Landry was witness to the devastating effects of ovarian cancer on two of the most special people she knew, Deborah was compelled to do something daring in the fight against ovarian cancer.

Deborah, like most of the public, admits that she had never heard of ovarian cancer but quickly learned about the disease when her closest friend’s mother – Edith Grech - lost her courageous battle to ovarian cancer last year. Deborah thought her encounter with the deadly disease was over, but soon discovered, one of her best friends and the daughter of Edith - Kim Perkins - was also diagnosed and is presently battling ovarian cancer. Deborah promised herself she would raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer education, patient outreach and research so that one day ovarian cancer will no longer haunt women. It was this strong conviction that led to the Dare to Dream for ovarian cancer event.

After Edith Grech died and then when Kim was diagnosed, Deborah thought of doing a weekend run to raise awareness and funds in support of ovarian cancer. But a weekend did not seem enough. Deborah remembered Terry Fox and what he did for cancer awareness and all one leg! She decided, on her Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle, she would travel across the country in support of ovarian cancer research, education and patient outreach.

Deborah Landry is a member of the organization 'Women on Wheels', whose goal is to unite all women and family member motorcycle enthusiasts for recreation, education, mutual support, recognition, and to promote a positive image of motorcycling.

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Pictures of the ride with Canadian X Riders